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Ijeoma Sok Heng Moronu Virtual Assistant

Hi there! We at ISMVA Services aim to give passionate small business owners the time and energy they need to focus on the parts of their business that they love. Always serving with authenticity, sincerity and honesty.⠀

A little bit about me! My name is Ijeoma Moronu but you can call me IJ (pronounced E-jay). I am a professional volleyball player currently living in Nicosia, Cyprus and your soon to be work bestie. Over a year ago now I started working with a podcast called The Happy Lawyer Project. Ever since then, I've absolutely fallen in love with helping fellow small business owners pursue their dreams through their work! Find out more about me here or keep scrolling along! Talk to you soon! 



As a virtual assistant I cover a wide range of services to help fellow hustlers, passionate small business owners, and those wanting to create the lifestyle of their dreams! Below are some of the services that I offer. Click on any service to learn more!

This is not a comprehensive list of all that I offer! I'm here to serve you, if you have a different need, let's talk or check out my services page for a more detailed list!


Laura Nordberg.png
IJ has been absolutely instrumental in helping me take my social media agency to the next level. She’s taken so many tasks off my hands, allowing me to focus all my time and energy on growing my agency - something that always fell to the bottom of the pile before IJ came along! Not only is IJ one of the most conscientious and organised people I’ve ever come across, she’s a talented copywriter and graphic designer too - her ability to multi-task and excel at a wide range of tasks is extremely valuable to me. When first looking to hire a VA for my business, I have to admit I was a little anxious about how much time I’d need to dedicate managing that person - I definitely shouldn’t have worried! One of the best things about IJ is her ability to always think two steps ahead of me - it’s rare to come across someone who takes so much initiative and always finds a way to get stuff done, even when my busy schedule gets in the way of detailed or timely instructions. I couldn’t recommend IJ enough - not just as an excellent VA - but as a fantastic business partner, too.
Helga Sierra.png
Ijeoma helped me increase my follwers on Instagram by 20% in one week. I just launched my online store and I have a hard time thinking about engaging online as I’m dealing with other aspects of the business, so having Ijeoma work with me and take things off my plate was a great asset. She did a great job about contacting potential followers and collaborators. I’d recommend her services any day!
Diana Munoz.png
I’m running a nonprofit alone with my partner and it’s very time consuming so we find it difficult to dedicate time to manage our social media accounts. Ijeoma saved our precious time and brain space by providing us with her Social Media Manager services.
She created high quality content, gained a good amount of followers and used engaging hacks I’ve never thought of doing before, plus she’s responsible, proactive and has great communication skills which is not easy to find. If you are looking for a VA, definitely go for Ij you won’t be disappointed!
Okeoma Moronu.jpg
Working with Ij let’s me focus on the parts of my business that I love and the parts of my business that need my attention in order for my business to grow. She’s easy to work with, has a great attitude and is always trying to learn my business so she can better anticipate my needs. What more could you ask for in a VA!
Kalynne Allen.png
As a busy mom I have a hard time carving out time to craft social media content that represents my brand the way I want. IJ took my vision and goals and created gorgeous images that reflect who I am, what I believe in and display what products and opportunities I am offering. She knew the perfect questions to ask, to deliver a finished product that I am thrilled with. I will passing on her info to all my girl boss friends!
Shanna Casanelli.png
I planned my sister’s 4 day, destination bachelorette party this past summer where there were 10 girls coming from different states. I knew it was going to be a ton of work to, research the area, plan, coordinate, make reservations, etc. with IJ helping me and doing a majority of the research for me, she saved me hours of work and stress.

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